Corporation Culture
    Excellent shape a corporate culture is the key to successful enterprises. Enterprises in the development and expansion in advance with the times, constantly forging ahead, continuing to provide customers superior products, supplies and service support Works, "based on the technology broaden product, the quality of service to customers" for the purpose of the core enterprise culture, is the democratization of decision-making enterprises, and scientific management, to ensure that enterprises can be sustained, healthy development.Enterprise Mission:to broaden technology products, the quality of service to customers.Philosophy:into industry see minor comfort from perseverance, and abide by the reached yuanzhi, Ericsson-the world.Organizational philosophy:to fully staff the authority and to shoulder full responsibility, personal accomplishment and the professional quality of bothCorporate strategy:to put our work into the community development, and the realization of their own value for the well-being of staff for the wealth of clients, the company grow, and practical.